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October 10, 2017. Did a little milling last night. I should add that a lab coat would be useful too as the resinous dust sticks to clothing.

September 30. 2017. Today’s inspection of the ‘awa baskets for the young ‘opihikao reveal differences likely caused by different media, ca. 2 mim.

August 17, 2017. Inspection of an ‘awa ‘apu (aka ‘awa papakea) in a basket/tub combo. The cage also serves to protect the young shoots from predation.

August 3, 2017. ‘Awa baskets are an alternative to conventional direct soil cultivation. There are tradeoffs in their use. We’re doing the ‘awa baskets to more efficiently use space on our farm. Anticipated ‘awa basket harvest is August 2018. Video duration: 3:16