May 20, 2018. ‘Awa mahakea harvested and its roots were processed into frozen, fresh ground kava. More to come. In the mean time please contact Dr. Daren Kimura at (808) 221-4327 or for dry ground kava, which is also the ‘awa mahakea variety.

Here’s a video and photo narrative on what our recent harvest of July 9, 2016 involved.


Ta-da! Jonathan, Robert and Kana. This ‘awa mahakea was cultivated using OMRI-certified EM·1®, and EM Bokashi to provide for its overall plant health and outstanding properties of flavor, shelf-life and effectiveness.

The root ball is heavy.

The root ball is heavy.


Super clean! Nothing beats trained human eyes for ensuring that all traces of soil and/or foreign matter are removed prior to grinding and milling.

First grind 1/4

Grind at 1/4″, prepping for dehydration. Some fresh material is saved for freezing, however, the bulk is dehydrated and micronized for wholesale and export.

2nd grind - micronization via hammermill

ʻAwa nō ka ʻoi ™. Freshly milled powder after dehydration; particle size is on the order of 10 microns. Frozen fresh grind at 1/4″, background. Product processing was completed within 24 hours of harvest.

ʻAwa nō ka ʻoi ™ – the best ʻawa – involves (1) excellent soil health via regular applications of OMRI-certified EM·1®, and EM Bokashi; and (2) extreme cleanliness and immediate processing to frozen fresh ground root and/or dried powder – AKA ʻAwa maikaʻi ™.

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